Navigating Mysterious Student Behaviors Online

In a fully online learning environment student personalities emerge in the digital trials of what is accomplished, written, recorded AND what is left unsaid or undone. Some students just don't seem to grasp the contents of the syllabus, the need to participate is discussion forum posts or even the requirements for timely submission of assignments. And when you contact them about their absence in a non-threatening, even kindly phrased, 'How can I help?' They respond using various blaming strategies. Does anyone have strategies for managing and turning around this type of online student? 

    • Zahra Shafiee
      Zahra Shafiee

      Hi Kathryn,

      Thanks for asking this question. 

      Maybe we need to find the reason behind their problem. I mean we may see if it is because of the virtual nature of the classes or just their lack of motivation in the content.

      Also, I would be glad to know a couple of examples of these blaming strategies. Do they put the blame on themselves, on the content, or on the class mode?

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