Effective Communication

Effective Communication is an art. Chosing the proper word and presentation of facts is very important in verbal communication. This is more important when we communicate with people who are away from us. Whether it's facts or thoughts the flow must be eligible.

    • Zahra Shafiee
      Zahra Shafiee

      Dear Olga and Anindita,

      Thanks for opening this discussion.

      No matter where we work, effective communication is essential for our success.

      As for our students also it is important that as we teach them a language, or any other subject matter, to teach them how to communicate effectively with people around us.

      I found the following link to a useful page, and I think this might be useful for all of us as a hint. 


      As you see, these are some general ideas. But when we specifically enter a professional area or a context, we may need to pay attention to other nuances. For example, in business, I have recently read the book:

      "The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you"

      Found at: https://www.amazon.com/Mom-Test-customers-business-everyone/dp/1492180742

      In other fields other nuances and delicacies might be needed.

      In my classes, both f2f and  virtual, I teach students about netiquette and the appropriate behavior and communication skills online. In addition, I teach them about discussion and conversation non/verbal skills. We practice them in our group discussions and conversations.

      I would like to know about other friends' ideas.

      • Halina


        Dear Friends,

        Thank you for the informative posts.

        I have been interested in improving communication skills for a long time.

        Here is one of my presentation:


        I hope you will like it.



        • Zahra Shafiee
          Zahra Shafiee

          Dear Halina,

          It is an awesome presentation.

          I really learn from it.

          Thanks indeed for sharing.



          • Anindita Sengupta
            Anindita Sengupta

            Thanks a lot for your appreciation. I shall continue to share my knowledge.

            • Anindita Sengupta
              Anindita Sengupta

              Effective Communication can be divided into two forms verbal and non-verbal.

              Verbal can be one to one speaking or communicating through any medium like emails, telephonic conversation, chats etc. All these types of communications can be made effective by the selection of proper words. The arrangement of these words should be such that the acceptor/ addressee should understand what actually you want to communicate.We should try to use positive words and avoid negative words.

              e.g.- Instead of writing or saying-" I just can't understand what you mean to say.

              We can say- Can you please explain so that I can take the proper action/ I can proceed with your request/ I can consider your offer/ I can communicate the matter to my higher/ups effectively. 

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