Competence in Communication And Interpersonal Skills

My online activity inspired me to get reverting to my earlier research about effective communication.

From my view, connecting with the use of the Internet seems to be creating new questions about the way people communicate.

I am working to present a theoretical backdrop to the principles of the process of communication, as well as communications skills models.

My approach is based on the well-known model of the functions of language introduced by Roman Jakobson. Although it is recognizable that Jakobson’s theory can be challenged on numerous grounds from a theoretical perspective, I have always been linked with his theoretical explanation of the purposes of linguistic communication.

“Jakobson and Halle’s initial statement of the principles of the linguistic organization should be made available to all future generations of linguists. It builds a solid foundation for Saussure a thinking about linguistic oppositions and establishes distinctive feature theory as the basis of their formal treatment.”

Prof. Dr. William Labov, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Linguistics

Along with Roman Jakobson ’s functions of the language model, we can formulate some basic queries.

• What is Communication?

• The Categories of Communication.

• The Communication Process.

• Communication Channels.

• Principles of Communication.

• Interpersonal Communication Skills.

• What is an online communication?

• The Benefits of Blogging.




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    • Zahra Shafiee
      Zahra Shafiee

      Dear Halina,

      Thanks for sharing your comprehensive and informative research background. 

      The theoretical frameworks can best lead us to the practice, and also we may generate theory from data. These, hand in hand, provide the optimal level of our goal, effective communication in this case.

      I also visited your website. It is amazing!

      • Halina

        Dear Zahra,

        Thank you very much for your interesting comment. It is so exciting to meet you.

        I appreciate our connection as well as communication, a lot.

        Best wishes,


        • Olga Morokhova
          Olga Morokhova

          Dear Halina, many thanks for Your deep scientific analysis of modern communication. Your ideas are quite inspiring. In fact, we are witnessing the emergence of a new type of communication – online communication. I share your opinion that online communication is becoming an integral part of teaching and learning.

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