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How do do we get students young and old to listen to the teacher and each other? We know that listening skills are necessary for effective and meaningful learning, relationships, and business. Yet, we fail to go beyond hearing subconsciously. How do we turn automatic hearing to conscious listening? How do I get my students to pay attention in the classroom?

Participants of this self-paced online course will learn about and practice active listening skills in personal and professional settings. The course activities include techniques on how to manage students, so that they pay attention and learn. You will learn how to get your students to relate to and sustain information.  

Engage students in activities that promote mindful learning. Participants will learn about listening, intention, focus, and engagement (LIFE). The course is self-paced with one-on-one coaching and on going support. You can stay in the course for up to 12 months or ask for an extension. 

LIFE starts on October 1, 2019.