Learn to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

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Learn to Excite & Engage your Listeners…
Instill a Love of Reading…

This five week course will teach you how to get your students of all ages engaged, excited and motivated to read books and learn English. Participants will examine and practice the art of storytelling in reading aloud. We will discuss the use of different types of books, not just picture books. You will learn tips and tricks to use to keep your students excited and engaged. This will increase the student's memory and listening capacity which will augment the learning and retention of grammar, syntax, story structure and vocabulary. Participants will be video documenting their work for individual critiques and individually creating a Reading Aloud Video for their own use in the classroom using their own images with text or a printed copy or online book. This course is aimed at all teachers of English to all ages as well as all Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Included in the course:

  • Five 40-minute LIVE webinars with a professional storybook reader including Q&A sessions to get all your questions answered
  • Unlimited access to recordings in case you need to watch again
  • Access to important links and guides
  • Individual feedback and critiques of work.
  • The creation of your own Read Aloud video.
  • Cool badges and a certificate upon completion of work.
Enrollment for the current class has ended. The next class will begin in February 2020. For more information Click Here.

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Please Note: There is a limited small class size in order to have the best possible experience in the class. After you make your payment, you will be returned to this page to login and register. A confirmation message will be sent to you. The company on your bill will be listed as "ROVINGTEDDI". 

Thank you for joining in!! I look forward to having you in the class!

Technology with Young Learners is a self-paced online course for new, veteran, and future teachers who wish to learn how to manage young EFL learners in the classroom. Young learners have a short time span for many reasons. Mindful use of technology can facilitate instruction and learning. Participants of the course will learn how to use educational technology to engage young learners, promote team collaboration, and make learning meaningful.  

UpCycle: Lessons & Resources is a four-week course. Participants will use technology to plan and prepare for effective learning and teaching. In discussion and practice, you'll encourage inquiry thinking and a growth mindset.

This course is geared for those who work with young learners (Pre-K through middle level) learning Science, Math, and Language Arts, including English as a first or second language.

Any teacher, coach, parent, or person who wants to help others learn in an environment that exists in and out of school will benefit from this course.

Participants will form ideas and create new resources from a variety of simple, easy-to-find materials. 

Based on effective Teaching and Learning Research,  you will discover effective ways to enhance the ways you teach those people in your care.

You'll have a chance to create an environment where you and your students operate with a growth mindset, developing projects together. 

Click here for a Syllabus. 

Group scholarships are available upon written request.

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