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One way of improving productivity and learning is to conduct an action research project. Action research project is a practical self-paced course with one-on-one coaching that can be done in 8 weeks. Teachers will research a problem in their classes/schools and develop a proposal, conduct research and report on the findings, resolve the problem and take action. Participants, who complete the course, receive a certificate of completion.

As I travel around the world, and last year I trained teachers in Algeria, England, Nepal, India, Kashmir, Turkey, Thailand and Australia, I find the same general classroom problems wherever I go.

There are one or two, and only a very few, who are in control of the whole movement of information in the class and so understand their lessons completely. 

Most students have a vague idea about what they are doing in the lesson, and struggle with questions to gain a mark that is never the highest.

Some students are bored and disinterested, and one or two would be rebels who only seem to be there to disturb the learning environment.

The teacher may be kind and loving or stern and authoritative, and yet neither are successful in developing a clear learning in all their students. 

Through the very many years of experience I have in very diverse classroom environments, I have put together this course that I believe will help you to dramatically improve this learning situation and help you to be the great teacher that you really are.