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The art of small talk

Useful tips for students to learn abour the art of small talk.

    • Dr. Nellie Deutsch
      Dr. Nellie Deutsch

      Yes, small talk can be difficult, but it's possible to skip the small talk and go deeper. 

      You may find this Ted Talk on How to How To Skip the Small Talk and Connect With Anyone by Kalina Silverman at TEDx Westminster College https://youtu.be/WDbxqM4Oy1Y

      What do you and others think?

      • Zahra Shafiee
        Zahra Shafiee

        This is a very interesting topic. While small talks are important for the beginning of communication, they do not necessarily lead to a deep and meaningful conversation. In fact, we use some formulaic expressions to either become introduced to each other or avoid getting into a deep conversation. The video was really inspiring and can give us a lot of ideas about posing critical, though-provoking questions in the society or classroom. However, I think it is important to begin with a small talk, then, extend it to deeper questions.