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Hi, I'm a chief of the professional language training department at Vladimir Law Institute (Russia). PhD.

Nellie, thank you for the invitation to join theĀ community "Teaching as a Way to Learn".



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        Dear Dr. Nellie, thank you for starting this intriguing topic. This feeling is quite familiar) And what is the difference of using online communication between teachers and our students? Maybe generation Z do not have this barrier of using online...
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          Useful tips for students to learn abour the art of small talk.
            • Dr. Nellie Deutsch
              Dr. Nellie Deutsch
              Yes, small talk can be difficult, but it's possible to skip the small talk and go deeper.  You may find this Ted Talk on How to How To Skip the Small Talk and Connect With Anyone by Kalina Silverman at TEDx...
              • Zahra Shafiee
                Zahra Shafiee
                This is a very interesting topic. While small talks are important for the beginning of communication, they do not necessarily lead to a deep and meaningful conversation. In fact, we use some formulaic expressions to either become...
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                      Dear Zahra, nice to meet you. Thanks a lot for your thoughtful comments and remarkable ideas.
                      • Olga Morokhova
                        Dear Halina, many thanks for Your deep scientific analysis of modern communication. Your ideas are quite inspiring. In fact, we are witnessing the emergence of a new type of communication – online communication. I share your opinion that...
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                          Halina,nice to meet you. Thanks for posting a presentation. It is great you refer to the works of Roman Jacobson, an outstanding scientist, the classic of world linguistics. 
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