John Davey

My Profile:

I work as a Safety consultant in the Northern Sydney Local Health District. I've worked in Health for about 9 years. I provide guidance and advice on staff safety to managers of the hospitals, and community health departments across multiple sites. Our WHS Unit is part of the Work Health Safety and Well Being Unit. 

I have a manufacturing background mostly in large organizations. I also served in the Navy for 20 years, I am a veteran with service in Vietnam, Malaya, and Indonesia. My Navy career was in aircraft electronics, and that's where my learning and training career began.

I have a B.Ed. in adult education, and masters studies in adult education, and safety and environmental management. I'm currently learning about the Social Psychology of Risk, and there's a fair degree of un-learning too. Adding new words and language to my vocabulary and conversations has become part of my learning.

I am in a family of learners and teachers. My daughter also has a B.Ed. and teaches ESOL, my sister is a retired school principal, and my brother has P.H.d. and teaches at university and schools. 

I'm married to Carol and we celebrate 50 years this year. I like the adage "Happy wife happy life". We have three children, two daughters, and a son. Our son lives and works in the USA  with residency status. He's married to an American and they have an American daughter. 


Teaching Background:

I've been teaching, and facilitating learning, since the mid-seventies. I started teaching aircraft electronics, and aircraft systems, to technicians during my 20 years service in the Navy. After I left the Navy I completed a B.Ed in adult education and Masters studies in adult education and safety. One of the subjects in my degree being role plays and simulations. My teaching, thinking, and facilitation style changed dramatically for the better from that point on. 

In all of my jobs, I've gravitated to teaching, learning, and facilitation activities. If it wasn't in the role I somehow managed to create the requirement.

In the specific training and safety roles that I've had, I've been involved in organisational development activities, team building facilitation, change, management development, quality improvement, and now safety (OH&S). I've been accredited in teaching many programs such as TMI, DISC, Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making. I've taught subjects of a couple of hours duration, along with courses that lasted several weeks. Moodle MOOCs, Teachers Teaching Online, and many other learning on-line subjects have had me involved as a learner in recent years.

I'm 70 now, and still teaching, facilitating, and learning. The screen may be a little harder to read, and the audio has to be turned up. Importantly I still love and enjoy teaching, facilitating, and learning.


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