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    • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

      Action Research for ALL Online Course

      Action research projects for teachers is a practical self-paced course with one-on-one coaching that can be done in 8 weeks. Teachers will ​ a problem in their classes/schools and develop a proposal, conduct research and report on the findings, resolve the problem an...

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    • Action Research for ALL

      Action Research for ALL

      Action research is a process that involves studying a problem, planning and implementing a curriculum plan of action, documenting the results and reporting the findings. Watch the following video on Action Research: Action research projects for teachers (ARP...

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      • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

        What is Action Research?

        This is an example of an action research project on test anxiety on reading comprehension tests for non-native speakers of English. The study was conducted in a junior high. You may read the full study online: Action research projects offer a systemati...

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        • Zahra Shafiee

          An Article on Action Research: "Slaying my own ghosts: My process into action research"

            Hi Everybody, Here I share the link to a recent article I have read about action research. The full text is very informative and reader friendly. Hope you find it useful. Best, Zahra

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