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    • Halina

      Competence in Communication And Interpersonal Skills

      My online activity inspired me to get reverting to my earlier research about effective communication. From my view, connecting with the use of the Internet seems to be creating new questions about the way people communicate. I am working to present a theoretical backdrop to the principles o...

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      • Anindita Sengupta

        Effective Communication

        Effective Communication is an art. Chosing the proper word and presentation of facts is very important in verbal communication. This is more important when we communicate with people who are away from us. Whether it's facts or thoughts the flow must be eligible.

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        • John Davey

          Words, Language, and Vocabulary

          Recently I had the pleasure of attending a one day workshop on the subject of the Social Psychology of Risk. As a Safety Consultant, I looked forward to a rewarding experience. I'd bought several books by the workshop facilitator, Dr. Rob Long, well before the workshop, and I was steadil...

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