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    • John Davey

      Comment on "Reach to Share"

      I think activities that help individuals establish relevance can be useful. Activity...m the known to the unknown, something in the flipped side before the learning environment (room or session) is eng...


      • Kathryn Shields

        Navigating Mysterious Student Behaviors Online

        In a fully online learning environment student personalities emerge in the digital trials of what is accomplished, written, recorded AND what is left unsaid or undone. Some studen...

        • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

          Reach to Share

          Sharing is Caring Sharing our thoughts online whe...ll hopefully provide its members with a safe environment to teach as a way to learn.&n...ussions to Promote Critical Thinking in an Online Environment. Retrieve from http://ww...


          • Sheryl A. McCoy

            Mountain Prairie Region - US Fish and Wildlife Service

            A physical description of the area where I live. It's a vast region of plains lined by the Rocky Mountains to the west and north. I'm located in the Southeast corner of this region in what is called the Prairie-Woodland Interface. Just east of where I live lie the beginning of the wo...

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