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    • Anna Litovskaya

      Anna Litovskaya



      • Zahra Shafiee

        Mobile Apps for Language Learning

        ...prove their English. Personally, I have been using Duolingo for learning French, German, and a bit Spanish. But I do not find it interactive. The groups we can make on the app do not...

        • John Davey

          Words, Language, and Vocabulary

          ...tator, Dr. Rob Long, well before the workshop, and I was steadily working through them. There were about 70 Safety people in the room in groups of about seven at round table...

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          • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

            Welcome to the community. You may wish to create groups for your students, colleagues, or friends so you can collaborate. Let me know if you need help in creating groups.


            • Sheryl A. McCoy

              What's Next?


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