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    • John Davey

      Comment on "Words, Language, and Vocabulary"

      Hi Dr. Nellie, Recently Dr. Rob Long was in Canada, and the USA, facilitating learning programs, and meeting some of the oversea...p;facilitated many sessions around safety learning, training, and updates. Mindf..., and for what's been a very valuable learning...

      • John Davey

        Comment on "Words, Language, and Vocabulary"

        ...Nellie, and for the links to the resources. Vocabulary can certain...rful part of our culture and our learning. You've done well to our own domain, sphere, life, learning, and workplace can be useful...w either. That's added to my learning. Thank you.

        • John Davey

          Comment on "Reach to Share"

          I think activities that help individuals establish relevance can be useful..... Where does the aha! moment come in learning? Hertzberg and Maslow's c...s getting in the way of the learners learning or action. If those aspe...thing in the flipped side before the learning...

          • Diana

            Comment on "Mobile Apps for Language Learning"

            Have you tried, Zahra? I find it rather effective for vocabulary learning (and not only). I usually use it on my computer, but there is a free app as well.   

            • Olga Morokhova

              Comment on "Competence in Communication And Interpersonal Skills"

              Dear Halina, many thanks for Your deep scientific analysis of modern communication. Your ideas are quite inspiring....pinion that online communication is becoming an integral part of teaching and learning...

              • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

                Comment on "Learning with and from each other"

                MM12 is based on team and peer teaching/learning. Everyone's input is crucial.  One way of peer teaching and learning...

                • Halina


                  Dear Nellie, It is about Learning by Doing. As I stated a long time ago, my students learn the language in different contexts, mostly singing phrases, expressions, co...

                  • Zahra Shafiee

                    Comment on "Next Generation Learning Models for English Language Learners"

                    Hi Carmen, It is a very thought-provoking article. Thanks indeed for sharing it. I think if we look at English...cialize in different sub-fields in ELT and personalize our learners and their learning...