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    • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

      WebQuests by Nellie Deutsch

      Find out how you can engage your students in experiential (hands on) learning activities that promote social learning skills via teamwork, higher o...g via inquiry and problem-based learning, and technology through the u...ology for  Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALLL). IT4ALL is an non-p...

      • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

        WebQuests for ALL : Teaching as a Way to Learn

        WebQuests are problem-based learning activities that engage learners in the learning process. WebQuests are valuable...s learners in experiential (hands on) learning activities. These activities...hinking skills, inquiry problem-based learning, and technological skills. In...

        • Sheryl A. McCoy

          My Books - Book Creator Library

          a learning/teaching application teachers use to develop, store, and share books that they've developed. can be used in Chrome.

          • Sheryl A. McCoy

            Learning by teaching: Conceptualization as a source of happiness | Jean-Pol Martins Weblog

            Follow the leaders, like Jean-Pol Martins, while they still produce is the best way to push forward your own thinking on research and practice. 

            • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

              Mindfulness Practice

              Mindfulness for ALL is a self-paced online course with full one-on-one mentorship. Th...he present. MRI studies on mindfulness and brain neuroplasticity indicate that learning to be in the present is benef...