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    • John Davey

      Comment on "Words, Language, and Vocabulary"

      Hi Dr. Nellie, Recently Dr. Rob Long Canada, and the USA, facilitating learning programs, and meeting some of...ilitated many sessions around safety learning, training, and updates. Mindf...for what's been a very valuable learning experience. Not training but...

      • John Davey

        Comment on "Words, Language, and Vocabulary"

        Thank you for the comments Dr. Nellie,...powerful part of our culture and our learning. You've done well to exam...ary in our own domain, sphere, life, learning, and workplace can be useful...orrow either. That's added to my learning. Thank you.

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        • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

          WebQuests by Nellie Deutsch

          Find out how you can engage your students in experiential (hands on) learning activities that promote social learning skills via teamwork, higher o...g via inquiry and problem-based learning, and technology through the u...ology for  Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALLL). IT4ALL is an non-p...

          • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

            WebQuests for ALL : Teaching as a Way to Learn

            WebQuests are problem-based learning activities that engage learners in the learning process. WebQuests are valuable...s learners in experiential (hands on) learning activities. These activities...hinking skills, inquiry problem-based learning, and technological skills. In...

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            • Zahra Shafiee

              Reply on topic: Learning to Moodle

              Thanks a lot for providing such wonderful opportunity. I think your courses should not be missed. In addition to learning how to work with the system,...

              • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

                Learning to Moodle

                Do you Moodle? If so, where and how? Do you use Moodle in blended or fully online format? If you don't Moodle, why not?


                • Halina


                  Teaching face-to-face and teaching online are both teachings, but they are qualitatively different. Online education starts when faculty moves from the traditional classroom to the online class. There are some things that the two have in common, but there are also plenty of differences.

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                  • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

                    Moodle MOOC 12

                    Moodle MOOC 12 (MM12) will take place from May connect educators for instruction and learning, reflective practice, social and collaborative learning, cultural exchange and peace,...content, peers, and the facilitator, and learning to teach online with Moodle c...

                    • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

                      Welcome to the Community

                      Welcome to the learning community.  Please update your profile, add friends, create a group for your colleagues or students, add pages, and write a blog post. 

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                      • Ana Cristina Pratas

                        Hi Everyone! Many thanks to Nellie for creating this new space of professional learning and interaction!

                        • Harshita

                          Hello Dr. Nellie, thanks for putting up this community site. Looking forward to learning from you and everyone here.

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                          • Zahra Shafiee

                            Mobile Apps for Language Learning

                            Hi Everyone, I am looking for effective free mobile applications for language learning to recommend them to my students who want to improve their English. Personally, I have been using Duolingo for learning French, German, and a bit Spanish. But I do not find it interactive. The groups w...

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