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    • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

      Comment on "The art of small talk"

      Yes, small talk can be difficult, but it's possible to skip the small talk and go deeper.  You may find this Ted Talk on How to How To Skip the Small Talk and Connect With Anyone...

      • Zahra Shafiee

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        This is a very interesting topic. While small talks are important for the beginning of communication, the...lassroom. However, I think it is important to begin with a small talk, then, extend it to deeper qu...

        • John Davey

          Comment on "Reach to Share"

          ...fied end then move around a bit. I don't ask everyone although in a small group I might So righ...unity for a conversation, for people to listen, to reflect, and to talk after reflecting. Importantly...

          • Zahra Shafiee

            Comment on "Effective Communication"

            Dear Olga and Anindita, Thanks for opening this discussion. No matter where business, I have recently read the book: "The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if y...