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    • John Davey

      Comment on "Words, Language, and Vocabulary"

      Hi Dr. Nellie, Recently Dr. Rob Long was in Canada, and the USA, facilitating learnin...rams, and meeting some of the overseas, and online students in his programs . One  stud...og.


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      • Zahra Shafiee

        Reply on topic: Online Learners

        Thanks a lot Nellie for sharing your comments. Useful indeed. I think student support is very important in online courses, especially their psychological or emotional support. Not all stude...

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        • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

          Moodle MOOC 12

          Moodle MOOC 12 (MM12) will take place from May 1 - 31,  2018 on Moodle for Teachers an..., best practices and challenges involved in teaching with and without technology, stude...


          • Sheryl A. McCoy

            My Books - Book Creator Library

            a learning/teaching application teachers use to develop, store, and share books that they've developed. can be used in Chrome.

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