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    • Dr. Nellie Deutsch

      Dr. Nellie Deutsch

      My Profile: ...nes technology and professional development courses with mindfulness practice, the Alexander technique, and the Silva Method. Her teaching experiences range from teaching English as a foreign language...Teaching Background: Nellie's teaching experiences range from teaching English as a foreign language (EFL/ESL) in high school and higher education for over 35 years and teacher professional development with technology since 2006. 

      • Anna Litovskaya

        Anna Litovskaya

        My Profile: ...ling and meeting new people. And that is exactly what shaped me as a professional. I have never stopped learning, whether new languages or new teaching methods. The people I meet in...

        • Halina


          My Profile: ...ntor and online friend Dr. Nellie Deutsch for teaching me all the skills which enabl...nline non-native English teacher. I have been teaching English online since 2010. I...advantage of new technologies. My approach is Teaching English with Technology. I us...

          • rosanna


            My Profile: ...m also aware that ICT is so important and this is why I am really interested in on line communities who use it. I am an experienced teacher in teaching English to dyslexic students...

            • Peggy George

              Peggy George

              My Profile: ...ollaborate which are dedicated to supporting teachers with tools, resources and practical suggestions for incorporating Web 2.0 technologies into teaching and learning. I am an organiz...

              • Yohamer Guevara

                Yohamer Guevara

                My Profile: ...m Universidad de Caldas (Manizales, 2012). Yohamer’s extensive teaching experience includes teaching English in Neiva and Barranca...d, India. As a teacher, Yohamer enjoys sharing his passion for teaching, languages, and technology wh...

                • Sheryl A. McCoy

                  Sheryl A. McCoy (n2teaching)

                  My Profile: ...the Central Plains of the United States where she works face to face and online with various informal education networks. Through a fusion of teaching tools, skills, and interests,...

                  • Carmen Medina, PhD

                    Carmen Medina, PhD

                    My Profile: ...teacher training courses for endorsement in English. I am currently teaching an online Linguistics for coordinating the creation of the first C1 online course for English teaching endorsement in Andalusia, Spa...

                    • Martin Cooke

                      Martin Cooke

                      My Profile: I'm a teacher of English living and working in southern Taiwan. I work on intensive one and two-year language and business programmes for Taiwanese university graduates. I've been teaching English for about eight years, and I'm also currently working on completing the DipTESOL course. 

                      • Olga Morokhova

                        Olga Morokhova

                        My Profile: Hi, I'm a chief of the professional language training department at Vladimir Law Institute (Russia). PhD. Nellie, thank you for the invitation to join the community "Teaching as a Way to Learn".

                        • John Davey

                          John Davey

                          Teaching Background: ... the mid-seventies. I started teaching aircraft electronics, and air...ole plays and simulations. My teaching, thinking, and facilitation, I've gravitated to teaching, learning, and facilitation a...weeks. Moodle MOOCs, Teachers Teaching Online, and many other learni...

                          • Onur Ergunay

                            Onur Ergunay

                            My Profile: BA and MA in English Language teaching PhD in Curriculum and Instruction Instructor at a state university in Eskisehir, Turkey Teaching Academic Writing, Phonetics, EAP, Introduction to EducationEducation Background: BA and MA in English Language teaching PhD in Curriculum and Instruction